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Connect your wand to your phones Bluetooth and your ready to play. To play together over long distance, both parties will need to have the app installed, start the Magic app, choose a game and send an invite. Once a party has initiated an invite and the receiver accepts it, you will now be synced to each other through a central server which will relay your signals to your partner and the device will spring to life. The app allows you to choose 5, 10, or 15 minute game times, as this can have an effect on server loads.
Note: Mobiles infrastructure and signal strength is an important factor for long distance function to operate well, some latency can be expected, the long distance function is limited to locations where suitable Mobile/Cell phone technology exists. i.e Most major cities around the world!

Magic Heating Wand is a personal hand held massager, the device will warm to 42 degrees within 2 minutes when activated and is designed to work both manually via the onboard buttons or remotely via the magic App. Feel intense sensual vibrations coming from your favorite music, custom patterns, Or for those that like to play, your partner can take control from anywhere in the world via Magic Motion free app, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. (mobile data required)!

Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility is essential, if you have an older model phone please check the specifications to ensure compatibility.

About the Magic Motion App
- Free download from the App Store/Google Play (automatically updated with the latest functions)
- Works from iPhone 4S or Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 (and all newer models including tablets)
- Magical movement via music, movement, sound, touch, etc…
- Play games via chat over wifi (Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat)

Product Specifications
- Measurements: 8,6 x 4,6 x 8,1 cm
- Weight: 45g
- Battery: Li-on 360mah/3.7v
- Charging time: 2 hr/400 ma/5.0v
- Working time: Up to 2.5 hrs
- Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
- Material: ABS/body-safe silicone
- Frequency: main 8000rpm aux 10000rpm
- Waterproof: IPX7