Noir O-Wand

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The O-WAND is the most powerful, safe and stylish personal massager on the market today. Rechargeable and cordless, it has four power settings and seven pattern settings allowing you to alter the vibrations to suit your mood but, unlike other devices, it also comes with a safety button, meaning the chance of it accidently going off in your suitcase are a thing of the past.

The patented O-WAND has been designed by one of the UK's leading sex toy manufacturers – Mr and Mrs Toy. The company takes safety very seriously and the design of the O-WAND is no exception. With its velvet-soft touch and sleek black and gold design, the handheld vibrator has been lovingly made using the highest-grade body safe silicone and comes with full CE certification.

It also boasts additional safety features such as an automatic 'power off' - so users never run the risk of their favourite device overheating. Stylish, safe, waterproof and rechargeable, the electric O-WAND has reinvented the personal massager. So, whether you're looking to treat yourself, or that special person in your life, look no further than the O-WAND – the best gift for the woman who has everything... but still isn't satisfied.

The O-WAND reimagines and reinvents the personal massager and is creating a real buzz across the world. Made from the highest-grade body-safe silicone, the handheld O-WAND is safe, stylish and velvet-soft to touch. It is also rechargeable, waterproof and comes with free international plugs so you can enjoy a little 'me time' while relaxing in the bath or shower - anywhere around the world!

The electric vibrator comes with one attachment as standard which offers additional texture. Three other attachments are also available for purchase - including one specifically designed for men.

- Powerful: The powerful O-WAND has eleven settings (four power and seven patterns) to enable you to alter the rumbling vibrations to suit your mood. And even on the highest setting, it provides over an hour of intense pleasure.

- Waterproof: The O-WAND is fully waterproof so you can enjoy a little 'me time' while relaxing in a steamy bath or shower. It also means that cleaning the device is safe and easy.

- Cordless: The O-WAND is cordless and rechargeable. The charger also comes with free international plugs so you can keep it fully powered and use it anywhere in the world.

- Ergonomic: The patented black and gold O–WAND is made from the highest-grade body safe silicone. It is stylish, velvet-soft and has a handle for ultimate control and comfort. Every device also comes with an attachment that offers additional texture.