Doxy Wand Original Powerful Massager

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The Doxy Massager is the world’s most powerful mains operated wand massager.  It is 35cm long and 7cm in diameter. 

The Doxy Massager is designed as a sports massager, It’s head delivers a strong vibration that will penetrate deep into the body. It is this function that allows the Doxy Massager to be so extraordinarily effective at producing female orgasm.  The vibration is not a “buzzy” vibration often associated with some sextoys. 

The deep “rumbly” vibration of the Doxy will stimulate the clitoris and the inner vagina simultaneously while being used externally. The Doxy is not designed to be used internally.

The Doxy Massager works very well when used alone, but it is also a popular couple’s toy. When used during intercourse the vibrations will stimulate both partners simultaneously.

The vibration is controllable from the lowest setting of approximately 3000 RPM through to the highest setting of approximately 9000 RPM making the Doxy Massager the most controllable and the most powerful wand massager available.

For some, the Doxy Massager can be a little too overwhelming.  We recommend that you start on the lowest setting and initially you may not want to use it directly on your most sensitive body parts.  Because the vibrations travel through the body the Doxy Massager will work on areas not directly in contact with the massager head.

There is a pulse setting which is also controllable.

Hitachi Magic Wand sized attachments will fit the Doxy Massager.

The Doxy Massager is designed and manufactured in the UK and is guaranteed against defects and breakdown for 12 months.

The Doxy Massagers head cover is made from a special hypoallergenic medical grade material that contains no harmful phthalates or latex.  It should be cleaned after use with a damp cloth or with a sextoy cleaner.

Oil based lubricants should not be used with the Doxy Massager.  We recommend water based lubricants .

The Doxy Massager is available in white, black and pink colours.